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We provide expeditious home service for Complete car care & Sofa cleaning service for Silvassa, Vapi and Daman

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Now you do not need tarry standing in queue. We respond promptly within short period of time. Our services are approved from branded car companies

We are trained professional to provide door step hygienic car cleaning, conditioning and polishing solutions for all types of car SUV, MPV, hatchback, Sedan, and Luxury cars for exterior & interior both. We always make sure to keep your car oxide layers free, decontaminated, spotless brand new showroom condition. Cleaning & conditioning of leather seats ensuring stop further crackage, fabric sheet drying cleaning for sopt, stain free seats, Ceiling dust & carbon extraction, dashboard & console cleaning, side doors cleaning and polishing, door panels, hinges steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, plastic part, vinyls & rubbers cleaning, polishing, trims cleaning including exterior steam wash & thermal wax for mirror shining. We use latest art of techniques and machineries for your complete satisfication. For availing any of our services just call us on 960-151-0004 or 940-880-2942 for Silvassa-Vapi-Daman

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We are equiped with latest imported machineries like computerised strong enough steamers, thermal waxing, modern heavy extractor, strong vaccume cleaner, shampooing machine, electronic scrubber etc

We provide office conference chair & sofa, home sofa, carpet and dining chair dry cleaning solution at door step.


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We are equiped with latest imported machineries like computerised strong enough steamers, thermal waxing, modern heavy extractor, strong vaccume cleaner etc

We always make sure to keep your car decontaminated, spotless brand new showroom condition. Leather/fabric sheet, interior roof, dash console, door panels, hinges, carpet, vinyls & rubbers cleaning, polishing with steam wash & thermal wax shining. We use latest art of technique and machineries for your complete satisfication.

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A door step car & Sofa, carpet cleaning service provider
Now you do no need to walk service station for car cleaning

Just make a simple call or whatsapp us on 960-151-0004, our expert will visit your."STEAM CAR WASH & WAX Silvassa" delivering the highest quality of washing & detailing service in the market,Our trained professionals devoted to care your car having good experience, engagement, and expertise. No other car Cleaner / washer has more hands-on expertise than us e.g. DNH CAR CARE. Our primary goal and investment is to educate and inform you with modern and handy tips, methods, and proper technique to keep your car looking and feeling like the day you bought it! We are door step service means now onward you not need to stand on ques at garage for car wash / waxing interior or exterior. We will serve you at your door step. Only you need to call / whatsapp on 960-151-0004 and get registered with us soon.For best offer/updates please like our facebook page and stay with us..


Car Detailing is a Thoroughly cleaning the vehicle's interior and exterior to remove stains, swirls, dirt contaminates, oxidation, miner scratches and other impurities to provide a complete new look to a vehicle is called car detailing.


Vacuum Start by vacuuming the carpet, the seats, and the dash and package shelf. A vacuum attachment with a brush helps dislodge stubborn dirt; a narrow crevice attachment will clean hard-to-reach spots like under the seats. Clean cloth seats Clean cloth seats with a dedicated cloth cleaner: Spread it around with a sponge, and let it sit. Once dry, vacuum. Any leftover cleaner can be removed with a clean towel. Clean and condition leather Help remove stains and grime from leather surfaces with a quality leather cleaner, a clean towel, and light pressure. Be cautious not to rub too hard, as it may remove the dye. Tips for trim pieces Shine up your interior trim pieces with a plastic and vinyl cleaner. Use it with a clean towel and a little elbow grease to help remove set-in grime. Most cleaners also have the added benefit of long-term protection once they soak in. Clean hard-to-reach crevices with cotton swabs, which work well for the instrument cluster, emblems, switches, air vents, audio system, and dash. Remove carpet stains Treat carpet and upholstery stains with a stain lifter like Motorcraft® Professional Strength Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, or Motorcraft Spot and Stain Remover. Let it soak for a few minutes, and scrub spots with a plastic-bristle brush. Wipe clean with a new cloth, then vacuum again. Repeat the process on stubborn stains.


spect your paint First, go over your entire vehicle and find trouble spots: contaminants like bird droppings, tar, and tree sap, as well as miner scratches, swirls, and chips. We use soft contaminants with detailing spray; we use Motorcraft Bug and Tar Remover on hardened tar or bugs. Steam wash after Hand dry only We ask customer to park vehicle in the shade, then we wash it with a steam. We always wash from the top of the vehicle down. Taking help of nylon- or natural-bristle brush which help us to get dirt out of the tire sidewalls. Rinse and dry Next, rinse the vehicle by microfiber. We Dry the vehicle from the top down with microfiber drying towels. We Dry the windows first, then move on to the paint. We Always make sure to dry the vehicle in the shade, and be sure to get it dry before water spots form. Remove contaminants with clay Place your hand on the vehicle’s hood, and gently slide your fingers up and down the hood. You’ll be able to “feel” the contaminants on your fingertips—they feel like little bumps on the surface. If your paint is new and the surface feels completely smooth, you can skip to the next part. If you feel contaminants, remove them by using a clay bar: Flatten the clay bar so it fits in your hand, and grab your detailing spray in the other hand. Then spray detailer on one panel to lubricate the clay, and gently rub the flattened clay back and forth over the entire paint surface. Do one panel at a time. When dry, repeat the fingertip test—the paint should now be clean. Add wax You should always wax the vehicle after using a clay bar. There are two ways to wax: If your paint has lots of swirls and scratches, it will need a multistage system that uses separate applications of scratch remover, cleaners, and a glaze, in addition to wax. If your paint is new and/or in good shape, you’ll need only wax. Put a small amount of wax onto a microfiber or foam applicator pad. Put the applicator on a top panel like the roof or hood, and, using a circular motion, apply the wax to a couple of panels at a time. Dried wax should show only a light haze—bright white means you’re using too much. Remove the dried wax using microfiber or all-cotton cloths. Be sure to turn the cloths over often, so the wax doesn’t load up on them. When you are done, use a clean cloth to do a final pass over the paint, and remove any wax lodged in tight areas like emblems and spaces between body panels. Clear up windows and mirrors Clean your exterior and interior windows and mirrors by spraying an ammonia-free cleaner onto a lint-free or microfiber towel. Ammonia-free cleaners smell better, won’t streak, won’t damage window tint, and won’t damage your interior if you overspray. If you see any hard water spots on your windows or windshield, a good chrome polish can remove them.


We always make sure to steam cleaning of engine bay and dry with the help of microfiber.


We also provide sofa cleaning at home. We are equipped with latest machines to keep your sofa hygienic and spot free.


We also provide carpet cleaning services for home and offices as per requirements


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The main goal of the Steam Car Wash & Wax's Team is to deliver customer satisfaction
every single time.That’s why we’ve come up with mobile detailing services that you
can avail of where and when you need them.
Exterior steam wash
Rs.As per car
per car
  • Steam Wash
  • Thermal Waxing
  • Hand Dry
  • Vacuuming, Dashboard Polish
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Interior Service
per car
  • Sterlization, Antifungul treatment AC Vent steaming
  • Ceiling dust, carbon extraction Seats cleaning/conditioning
  • Dashboard,side doors,hinges cleaning, polishing
  • Trimes, vinyles,rubber cleaning polishing
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Sofa cleaning
per seat
  • Free shampooing
  • Unlimited drying
  • Unlimited vaccuming
  • Unlimited carpet cleaining
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We strive to provide our customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their
expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement.
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  • Well trained staff , and very professional execution of job. Highly recommended for car cleaning. They are food enough to turn Even the dirtiest ones into shiny mirrors. Highly recommended.
  • Magnificent service. Tremendous efforts and dedication in the work. I am delighted to get my car steam washed and waxed. Now my car is shining like new one.
  • Very hard working and cooperating staff.. their work was fantabulous. The best part of their worn is providing quality services at best rate and also giving seeking continuous feedback.. i would 100 percent recommend everyone in silvassa and vapi to take their benefit.. " Best services at affordable prices"

Surya Pratap Singh Rajput
Founder, CEO at Golden Bells Infra


Jayendrasinh Rathod
IPCA Laboratory at Athal, Silvassa


Darshita Hemant Naik
Assistant.VBCH,at Silvassa


Our values are fundamental to our success. Commitment to integrity, dynamic work environment, innovation, passion, creativity, eco-friendly measures, hard-work & dedication have made us the most trusted automobile vehicle detailers.
It is because of our values and our results that we’ve been able to develop trust among the wide nexus of our clientele in Silvassa, Vapi and Daman. We take pride in the professional quality of our work which clearly reflects in our results and the confidence our customers put in us.We deliver serious care and protection for all vehicles combined with excellent craftsmanship, cut-throat technology, top of the line thermal wax coatings, eco-friendly measures and a dedicated team. That means doing so much more than just making a vehicle look good with effective, long-term perfection & protection solutions.

Steam Car Wash & WAX, detailing services is a recognized auto detailing home service provider with its headquarters in Silvassa with leading standards, steam car wash & wax specializes in Car, Sofa, Carpet cleaning services by making use of the frontline thermal wax tech coatings developed and tested globaly. Premium services, great customer service, friendly employees and a perfectly detailed vehicle! That’s what you can expect when you visit any of our locations. Offering everything from the basic exterior wash to a complete detailed job inside and out, we have something for everyone. We understand our customers, and more specifically, the connection that our customers have with their car and that is why we lay more, emphasis on attaining our results with care and consciousness, but not at the cost of spoiling the originality through harmless thermal wax coating technology.

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Avoid to waste your valluable time at service station.